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Hydraulic Rotary Actuatorsare used in the most demanding applications imaginable. Typical markets include: Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Marine, Material Handling, Military, Mining, Truck & Trailer.

TAP Industrial Sales has partnered with SJ Hydraulics, who provide Hydraulic Rotary Actuators in a global marketplace that meet or exceed the competition’s products and your expectations. Our team has boots on the ground in all over North America to be your point of contact and liaison between you the customer and SJ Hydraulics. Let us show you why SJ Hydraulics is winning customers in North America.

High Moment:
Works smoothly even in high momentum due to the strong bearing support for its load and sidewall.

Long Life:
Its oil-immersed bearing support for load and sidewall has long life with great lubrication action. High abrasion resistance due to high precision assembly of parts. Our Hydraulic Actuators effectively block infiltration of external substances such as dust and rain.

Free Grease Filling:
Its oil-immersed bearings have excellent lubrication action without grease filling.

Light and Compact:
Light and Compact due to its space efficient design with a reduced amount of components.

Free Over-run (with Counter Balance Valve):
The counter balance valve makes it stop rotating when the maneuvering bar stops. No need for external breaks for rotation.

Free Over-Load (with Counter Balance Valve):
to protect the non-operating equipment, the counter-balance valve makes it instantly rotate in reaction to external shocks.